Plywood Hoarding

For the benefits of security, privacy and aesthetics on a construction site, SiPO plywood fences are the best option. Our quality constructed panels feature fully-robotic welded, galvanized steel frames with spruce plywood, painted on all sides.

The strategic design enables a simplified setup with complete flexibility in interchanging single panels within an existing structure, at any given time. Additionally, panels can be quickly removed when necessary to provide desirable site access without compromising structural integrity.

Grading concerns about slopes, stairs or uneven surfaces are eliminated with our various panel width options, specifically designed to handle such situations. We also offer you the possibility of personalizing the external appearance of the panels through paint or graphic design.

To complement our plywood panels, we also offer door and window panels in a variety of styles to suit your specific needs. We have the capability in customizing and addressing any situation you may come across.