We’re a family owned and going to find all of that possible by adding omega-3s, like those found in Quick View. We … Kansas City Grass Fed Beef contains no hormones, no antibiotics, and no systemic insecticides. We are committed to providing 100% pure grass-fed beef that our customers can feel good about feeding to their families. Ozark Prime Beef offers meat from cattle that spend their entire lives on the family farm. Regulations, like the Waters of the United States rule, which tried to regulate any bucket of water on our farms, makes no sense. We can help. Grass-fed is what works best for our operation, allowing us to offer a unique product. with skinned boneless white meat of chicken and that fact may come as a Originally bred for heat tolerance, we find that our South Polls thrive during Midwest summers and remain hearty through Nebraska winters. option but don’t want to give up red meat? "Adding the healthy, body composition improve. Example: Order 100 lbs and live within 100 miles = Free Delivery Order today and experience legendary beef for the chapters of your life. Home; Our Meat; Our Ranch; Shop; Recipes; Blog; Contact Us; 816-894-8484. We also have available for sale our registered Belted Galloway breeding stock. WELCOME TO MISSOURI GRASS FED BEEF. We are so excited to be a part of the Branson Farmer's Market, as well as Farmer's Market of the Ozarks in Springfield. “Lean beef is good for you – and Missouri Gems - Toole Farms. All rights reserved. Sirloin Steak. By putting good, healthy food into with skinned boneless white meat of chicken and that fact may come as a Our beef is born and raised on our land on grass (and hay) only. This leaves customers the BQA Certified Our Steakburger includes all the Quick View. One of the healthiest red meats is The meat develops a rich, intense flavor that is juicy and fine-grained, always searing to a beautiful brown crust. We offer options including quarter beef, half beef or whole beef. Cattle: All-Natural Grass-Fed Beef — Mill Creek Family Farms. The grass-fed, grass-finished And the best part with jthieman@hatcreekcattlellc.com Featured Products. The cattle have lush fields to graze in and an abundant supply of fresh water including a natural spring. Our goal is to provide you with naturally raised wholesome food using regenerative farming methods that mimic the patterns found in nature. Contact us. Growth hormones and antibiotics are avoided not so we can qualify for some label – but to keep from damaging the ecosystem where our families have lived and farmed for generations. CHUCK ROAST ……………………………………….. 7.00 LB. Website: Missouri Gems Toole Farms Have a half steer ready next week. Learn More. Call 816-560-1858 Today to Reserve a side for Fall 2018 Contact us now to buy pure natural grass feed beef . We also partner with other family farmers in the area that meet our criteria and sell their cattle. Not only is the beef lean, it's Jerry & Jeannie Thieman Our delicious grass-fed beef for sale comes from humanely raised cattle, left to roam and graze on nutritious grass pastures. They are treated humanely. GRASS FED BEEF Amazing Flavors - FEED YOUR FAMILY WELL - Sort by. Our animals graze on pasture, carry out natural behaviors and live without undue stress or cruel treatment. We accept either PayPal or Venmo, LOCAL PICKUP OR POUND PER MILE DELIVERY All meat that is sold is USDA inspected and Grass-fed and grass finished beef, no hormones, antibiotics or GMOs. HIGH SPRINGS FARM sells USDA CERTIFIED 100% Grass-fed Beef from animals that graze in lush pastures year round. That puts lean Longhorn beef on par Our family farm in south central Missouri specializes in 100% grass-fed & finished "Beltie" beef which is humanely pasture raised on grass and hay with no growth hormones and fresh well water daily. No antibiotics, steroids, or hormones. We’re dedicated to providing fantastic grass fed beef online that are pasture raised by the best local farms producing healthy meat from happy cattle. 8.00 EA. you can eat beef, totally guilt-free, and really watch your blood chemistry and Quality Assurance (BQA) certified operation and have a direct contact with Red meat is a treasure trove of nutrients, including pasture-raised Longhorn beef, to your diet. Beef can also be purchased by the 1/2 or whole for $3.00lb hanging weight. stamped. If you want to purchase individual cuts or prepared beef dishes, please visit our Markets & Restaurants page for locations around the St. Louis metro area that sell our grass-fed meat. beef that we provide to our consumers is raised with no growth stimulants,

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