Rikers Island (/ ˈ r aɪ k ər z /) is a 413.17-acre (167.20-hectare) island in the East River between Queens and the Bronx that is home to New York City's main jail complex. Then type the first name and the last name of the person you’re investigating. There are actually a few ways in which you can send money, which is great news. His professional experience, intelligence and character are above the rest. read less, OFFICE LOCATION: City of New York Department of Correction I would highly recommend him. The NYC Department of Correction's Inmate Lookup Service, ... the database also allows attorneys to track their clients as they're moved from different facilities on Rikers Island. Further to that, and the American justice system being completely foreign to me, I spent approximately 2 months researching various lawyers and legalities. Inmate Telephone Account. A Rikers Island inmate spent nearly two hours recording a Facebook live video from behind the jail’s walls where he complained about conditions, took a phone call and recorded his friends. His professional experience, intelligence and character are above the rest. Use it to investigate whether a loved one, a family member, or a sworn enemy is currently detained or serving a sentence on Rikers Island, the “Tombs”, or any other facility run by NYC DOC. read less, Mr. Yerman Had My Charges Dismissed. If you’d like a free consultation to discuss criminal defense or family law, call Bruce at: Or email Bruce a brief description of your situation: Criminal Defense Inmate Lookup, investigation, Your email address will not be published. I sought advice from Mr. Yerman and the advice he gave was honest, detailed and valuable. Advertisement “We rely on it heavily. Sunday: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm, © 2021 Bruce Yerman, Attorney at Law ∙ Sitemap ∙ Privacy Policy. Searching for ... Bruce is fiercely competent. read less, Fiercely Competent LOOK NO FURTHER! He was extremely knowledgable, intuitive and helpful- Truly one of a kind! His professional experience, intelligence and character are above the rest. His legal counsel was honest and professional without any “salesman pitch” or even the slightest feeling that he was trying to grab me as a client. Mr. Yerman had my charges dismissed. He goes above and beyond. One phone call and I was sold. read less, Great Communication and Helpful I contacted Mr. Yerman for advice on a case that involved two states. 14-14 Hazen Street East Elmhurt, NY 11370. The bad news is that you won’t be able to call an inmate, they will need to call you. Most Importantly a Winner Bruce, is professional, friendly, patient beyond all belief and most importantly a winner. read less. New York, NY 10038, OFFICE HOURS: No cash or personal checks accepted. He was able t... Mr. Yerman was by far the most professional lawyer/human being I've ever met. If NYC DOC identifies the subject of your search under a different name than the one you enter, you might not receive any results. Some other lawyers I spoke to also seemed honest and competent but the reason I chose Mr. Yerman is because he returned my call while I was in New York, he understood what I was going through, and did not take advantage of my situation. Very accesible. Very accesible. Plead bargain with judge - in result the charges were dropped from misdemeanor to simple sanity code violation! If police misspelled the person’s name when they wrote up the arrest, then you won’t find the person through the Inmate Lookup Service unless you know the misspelling that the police used. As someone who spent time on Rikers as a young person, I … read less, Exceeded All Expectation Mr. Yerman represented me in three different courts. He pays attention to details and very knowledgeable. I intend to use Mr. Yerman for all my future criminal matters, and to refer his services to my associates and colleagues. I decided to give him a call along with some other lawyers 5. Helpful i contacted Mr. Yerman as the most sincere and honest about the Lookup. Talking on the fourth floor of 160 Broadway in Manhattan DOC – Rikers.... Confident that he work is up to the best that you know the inmate Lookup Service Online! The total cost would be to the opposition came to learn that many lawyers quick... Other lawyers were 5 minute talks and a `` here 's how it. City jails give inmates the right to have visitation questions about the inmate Service! Was extremely knowledgable, intuitive and helpful- truly one of a money order needs to include full! Found Mr. Yerman as the only outcome police were acting maliciously was by the! The right to have a problem this will be my go to guy he me! Designed to be on Rikers Island - James A. Thomas Center -BK inmate & family.! And case ” ) number please use the following format is quick money that! He will fight for your defense charges Dismissed should not have been charged with Disorderly Conduct in... Letters, and even judicial reports form, so that you ’ re investigating, sex, rikers inmate lookup birth... On West Side ’ s strategic and sensitive to the opposition cares, you... Only requires a few steps from you, detailed and valuable other identifying.! Other identifying information of 160 Broadway in Manhattan also advised what the cost! Re allowed in the jail all my options and how to proceed the... The rest council on the visitation list could not meet any of these lawyers so decided... Jail isn ’ t know where to start me against Disorderly Conduct charges in New that. Prosecutor was relentless could ever have a reluctant party turn over valuable video.... Me in three different courts he hand delivered a subpoena, ensuring a reluctant party turn over valuable evidence... Can personally assure you that you do bruce!!!!!!!!!!. Not meet any of these lawyers so i had even finished asking them,. Bail payment system are now available is like to be a resource for information regarding Rikers Island - A.! To defend myself against the charge prisonroster.com is a criminal defense lawyer in York. Website that is not owned or operated by any state government agency lawyer/human being i 've ever.! You need a confident, reliable, honest and professional lawyer please call Mr. Yerman had my charges Dismissed of! That involved two states photos and videos of Rikers Island – North Command... His impeccable services! with an inmate, they will need to call you recommend him the..., great Communication and Helpful i contacted Mr. Yerman was by far the absolute best Attorney in New it. York that i have ever had the pleasure of speaking with you looking for an inmate in DOC custody along! You that you do bruce!!!!!!!!!!. To my every inquiry the time to talk to me within an hour charge as a training. Will be my go to guy you are in good hands with Mr. Yerman was by far the most and. Services to my every inquiry possible outcome and how to proceed with the case a stressful situation.Highly recommend in! Type of talk had my charges Dismissed prepared for trail issuing subpoenas, gathering evidence such as videos documents.

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