Mystical definition, mystic; of or relating to supernatural agencies, affairs, occurrences, etc. Thus, we don’t know what a single thing is, we don’t know where we are, and we don’t even know who or what is actually living us. This why science always rediscovers the unknowable, because no matter how sophisticated our maps may be they will have a gap in them which will reveal something hitherto undiscovered. thousands of students has proved to be my most popular one. In what ways will we confront the Mystery? The Fifth Dimension has been described as the dimension of Love, of living totally from the Heart. Frank (See his masterpiece, The Unknowable, translated by Boris Jakim, 1983). If so is it burned like the Challah piece dedicated to G-d? 3. Ken Wilber describes it this way: To face this Mystery is truly an awesome task. We witness something that supersedes us even as it literally lives us. There is a Mystical Dimension which runs through all aspects of life. Because of our Planetary coding/consciousness we are able to identify with matter and therefore become dense ourselves. Spiritual things are not nebulous abstractions; rather, reference is being made to beings or things that do not originate (or perhaps reside) in our dimension. The Spiritual Dimension of Meaning Humans normally function on primal reactions like negative self-talk, emotional outbursts and irrational actions based on outside events and circumstances. Or, as I often remarked in my Death and Dying classes, "If there really is a God (or Truth or Ultimate Concern) then He/She/It blows every conception that we have out the door." Those with so called Indigo and Crystal consciousness can access levels as high as the 7th dimension, or even higher. This is the dimension of the unconscious mind. It’s the dimension of consciousness from all the possible Multiverses. The Mystical Dimension is nothing less than paradoxical to the conventional mind, since by definition it both subsumes and transcends all conceptual frameworks. The infamous surf spot known as Mavericks, located north of Santa Cruz in California comes to mind here. In math, we have Godel’s incompleteness theorem which essentially says “consistency of such a system cannot be proved within the system.” In physics we have Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle (or relations) which simply states it is impossible to know with absolute precision the momentum and position of an electron, since the more certain you are about an electron’s position, the less certain you are about its momentum (and vice versa). By this time we had gotten down to the subatomic level, and our words began to betray our modicum of knowledge (electrons, protons, quarks, lucky charms, superstring). It’s the dimension of the vibration of love that penetrates through everything and unites everything, all focus and awareness, information, form, change, spirit, soul, infinity, eternity, God, The Multiverse and The Omniverse. It’s the dimension of the vibration of love that penetrates through everything and unites everything, all focus and awareness, information, form, change, spirit, soul, infinity, eternity, God, The Multiverse and The Omniverse. “The Absolute [The Mystical Dimension] is both the highest state of being and the ground of being; it is both the goal of evolution and the ground of evolution, the highest stage of development and the reality or suchness of all stages of development; the highest of all conditions and the Condition of all conditions; the highest rung in the ladder and the wood out of which the ladder is made. Recommended: Which Dimension Are You In 3D, 4D or 5D? I know this sounds silly, but I would still like to know. We don’t see it, but we can feel it. Yes, I may say something such as I live in Huntington Beach, but that is merely a section in Southern California which itself is part of a state of 50 in the United States which is part of a continent that is located on a planet that orbits a sun some 93 million miles away. Because by consciously surrendering to the transformative process of such native ignorance our lives become enlivened and informed by existence. Each dimension has certain sets of laws and principles that are specific to the frequency of that dimension. : a strange, mystical experience. This is not to be mistaken with the romantic love we feel for each other, however, it can be a catalyst to tune into this frequency of vibration. Soul– the ethereal substance or spirit particular to a unique living being. The densest stratum of this plane contains our own more worldly and material thoughts. Opening the heart is key in this. Well, we are entering into a new era marked by this new pandemic. We are born into a Mystery; we live in a Mystery; and we die in a Mystery. But, what is consciousness? Taking a portion of it and giving it to G-d. We are sitting right in the middle of the Mystical Dimension. However, no matter how you define it, slice it, categorize it, blend it, intuit it, the fact remains that Reality is a Mystery, and nobody apparently (not me, not you, not Einstein) knows what that Reality is. Not surprisingly this lecture on "unknowingness," which I have presented to mystical meaning: 1. relating to the belief that there is hidden meaning in life, or that each human being can unite…. In astronomy we have the Einstein limit of light which tells us that we can only see so far with our telescopes within the parameters of relativity. We are going to end up dead no matter how much we squiggle and squirm and resist. And the list goes on. It’s the dimension where the soul tunes in to evolve itself. The reason why is simple: Reality is always greater than our conceptions of it. Science will undoubtedly expand our previous limits and horizons, but we will inevitably be stuck with our own neural constraints from the very beginning. It is but part of a galaxy which is part of a huge milky way which is expanding in a universe of untold size that some 13.7 billion years ago was collapsed into a space tinier than the 12 point size of the Garamond type on this page. (1984); Nicholas of Indeed, the curious irony that awaits us is this: 1. Catching my drift, one student invariably answered, "Oh, it is actually a transformed sheet of wood.". The World is magical, because unicorns are able to bring their magic to any dimension and move between different dimensions. Even for the seasoned spiritual seeker, trying to describe the intangible in words that make sense and are understandable to another person with no prior knowledge of such topics can be difficult. Way That I Teach (1978); and Do You Know What Anything Is? Anything less than that … At the very core of our beings. This is also why Karl Popper’s notion of falsifiability serves us so well when appraising most scientific theories. We live in a Mystery, even as we act as if nothing is mysterious. Inner mystical dimension of Islam. Find out Inner mystical dimension of Islam Answers. face of a truly awesome mystery (mysterium tremendum). We are beings that have access to all of these dimensions of consciousness at any moment and place. ... to predict the future or recall past life memories. 12th Dimension. 2 Quoted from the booklet, The Master Speaks To The Foreigners, edited by In this dimension, one surrenders to the gentle flow of the spirit’s evolution to fit all of the soul’s possibilities. This is the realm of form. Yet, it is precisely this unknowability which constitutes our enlightenment. And since we are stuck to such map making, we are circumscribed by a logical syllogism that on the surface seems intractable. What this means, of course, is that all the delineations we make about the world around us are potentially wrong because they are not perfect transparencies. This dimension serves as the point of focus in the awareness. Many seek greater understanding of their Soul purpose and many come from this plane to work as Lightworkers helping others to attain a greater awareness of their power within. The vibrations in this dimension resonate higher than the physical and dense world of the matter as we experience this in the third dimension. And herein lays the great human dilemma: the limits of our skull are the limits of our understanding. This is the realm of information. Imagine being set down in the middle of the ocean at twelve midnight with twenty to thirty foot waves and having no life raft. No fear, anger, hostility, guilt exists there—no suffering or sense of separation. It’s the dimension of God Consciousness. What is a thought? Mystical Dimension hope to provide you with our service after the COVID-19 pandemic. You might give the painters every dimension of the rooms you want painted, including depth, height, and width. It can be argued that "self” realization is when the bubble intuits its subservience to the ocean and that it has no real life except in relationship with the larger environment. Well, it should be obvious to the reader as it was to my class and to myself that there's only one truly appropriate response, "I don't know." Maintaining a sense of love in your heart is probably the best way to align all of the dimensions of your consciousness! For instance, what is a ball? Recommended: Living Illusions Of The Third Dimension. 6. And, in the midst of it all, we are natively ignorant. Those entities have their origin in the other dimension known as the spiritual realm. The awareness of self as a separate entity begins, but due to the limitations of the third dimension, we are unable to remember our past lives. Being at this level means one has reached to the Source Consciousness or Love Consciousness. In other words, the deep mystery we must first confront is epistemological. Whatever that is, of course, is unknowable in its entirety. As Sir Arthur Eddington, the noted astronomer-physicist put it, "Something unknown is doing we don't know what!". The fourth dimension is regarded as a kind of transition to the fifth dimension. The conscious mind of humans and the higher animal kingdom resonate at this level. What is the spiritual meaning of COVID 19? This is the realm of eternity. It’s the possibility of multiple timelines and the constant that is the same in all of them. This is the realm of God. Connecting to the now forgotten inner space ride at Disneyland, which takes one through an imaginary voyage inside a snowflake molecule, I queried, "But what is a molecule made of." This was originally published by Conscious Reminder. The ultimate truth is not simply an Other (although this aspect too cannot be denied), but He/She/It is also This: the chair, the bed, the sky, the toothbrush. This is the realm of spirit. Thus, contrary to our popular notions of mysticism, genuine spiritual practice is not concerned with increasing knowledge, per se, but rather reconciling man with his fundamental state of absolute ignorance. However, we have not yet awoken to these higher levels and most of our consciousness is not aligned to these dimensions. Ken Wilber, Eye to Eye (New York: Doubleday, 1983), page 293. That is the core of existentialism and, interestingly, the core of all scientific and religious endeavors. Where are we has a simple answer it appears: We don’t know. The ocean, in this metaphorical case, represents the total reality of all that exists (call it God or Nature or Whatever), whereas the bubble (our self or anything which is less than the totality of what arises) exemplifies a seemingly bound existence. A dimension is the measurement of something in physical space. Indeed, no matter how much science or technology may advance, the essential mystery of life will never change. A Dimension is a state of consciousness and a means of organizing different planes of existence according to the vibratory rate of that which exists. Who or what is beating our hearts? Shambhala Publishers, 1984). Some call it the astral plane, this is the level of focus, information, form and change. where knowledge turns into ignorance and control into wonder. That realm is able to interact with ours in … All maps by definition are less than the territory to which they point (because if the map is exactly as large as the land itself, then such a map would be superfluous) and thus have “gaps.” And if they all maps invariably have gaps, then all such designs are inevitably, even if only partially, mistaken. It is as if we are at an amusement park getting strapped into a new roller coaster ride and right before take-off we are told by the operator that the ride ends in a ball of fire where we all die. 237 likes. In other words, when you are happy, quiet, mindful, observing, and at ease, you ARE IN THE 5 TH DIMENSION. What resonates in this frequency is the seed of creation that unfolds its information and form. The very idea sparks utter fear in most of us; yet, right at this moment, as you read this page, the situation is not altogether different than that ocean. However, there is one very important catch here: the bubble (self) must be prepared to "burst" in the sea (Nature) from which it manifested. Mastery over thought is a prerequisite. Based on various definitions of mysticism, namely mysticism as an experience of union or nothingness, mysticism as any kind of an altered state of consciousness which is attributed in a religious way, mysticism as "enlightenment" or insight, and mysticism as a way of transformation, "mysticism" can be found in many cultures and religious traditions, both in folk religion and organized religion. 5th Dimension Ascension – Ascending to the 5th dimensional consciousness . Cusa (See Of Learned Ignorance, translated by Father Germain Heron, 1954); and S.L Itself being without form, though assuming form; without content, though manifesting content; without structure, though exhibiting structure. The spiritual dimension is described and is interpreted as the need for: meaning, purpose and fulfillment in life; hope/will to live; belief and faith. Who could possibly enjoy such an attraction? To be sure, mystics have said that the world (or matter) is nothing but consciousness. I owe my discussion here to the work of Da Kalki (alias Da Free John; Bubba Free The awareness of spirit starts to appear at this level. The 12 Dimensions Of Consciousness We Have To Awaken To Reach A Level Beyond Enlightenment! The spiritual dimension of health is difficult to define and describe,but it is not difficult to feel and live. Recommended: 8 Signs You Are Starting To Live In The Fifth Dimension. The ultimate physics which brought us into the universe are the same physics which will draw us out of it. We have a tendency to conflate our neurology for ontology, and as such tend to inflate the world around us with our own unrecognized projections, which may or may not be accurate. The lost ‘spiritual’ dimension of meaning is brought forward by Logotherapy. Along with the other dimensions of wellness, a person’s level of spiritual wellness often fluctuates throughout their life. It’s the full cosmic consciousness with all its aspects. All academic subjects have their epistemological cul du sacs. Ultimately, matter leads to consciousness and consciousness to God or Nature (with a capital N) and both to Mystery. dimension definition: 1. a measurement of something in a particular direction, especially its height, length, or width…. INTEGRAL WORLD: EXPLORING THEORIES OF EVERYTHING, An independent forum for a critical discussion of the integral philosophy of Ken Wilber. Question: Could you please tell me if this is also done with meat and veg. Taking this as my cue to lead into a deeper philosophical investigation of materialism, I probed further, "Yes, but what is that?" It has many crosswords divided into different worlds and groups. Humans are said to be multidimensional beings of light with a visible dense body whose consciousness has been projected into. This means that they can be completely transformed. If we don’t know what a single thing ultimately is (even if we can know various things about a material item, we are circumscribed in our knowledge about comprehending all of its various dimensions and interconnections), do we even know where we are ultimately? 2 Kings 6:17 ESV / 11 helpful votes. See more. Which brings us to that most revealing of queries: Who or what is living us right now?

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