4. When will the Paper Statement fee be charged? The below are the security features in Connect BIZ Strong encryption TLS1.2 - Up to 256-bit encryption, enabled by SSL certificate to secure Before running payroll, remember to enter your employees’ bank details: Go to Employees > select Employee > Personal Info. HL iSaving is a savings account by Hong Leong Bank. Service Charge N/A Min. Instilling savings habits at a young age. If you're making an international transfer to a Hong Leong Bank Berhad bank account, or if someone is transferring you cash to your Hong Leong Bank Berhad bank account in Malaysia, you'll be asked for a BIC/SWIFT code along with details like the bank address. Close . <> endobj 2. Swift Code HLBBMYKL is the unique bank identifier for HONG LEONG BANK BERHAD's head office branch located in KUALA LUMPUR - MALAYSIA and it's used to verify financial transactions such as a bank wire transfers (international wire transfers). Fixed Deposit. RM1 will be charged on You may also request for exemption if you are: Note: Each request will be processed on a case-by-case basis and exemption is subject to the Bank’s discretion. endobj Transactions and accounts handled by the closed branches will be transferred to new branches. The fee will be charged to your Credit Card account on every Statement Date, starting 1st August 2019. endobj Close . Click ‘Make ... • Hong Leong Bank • Maybank • Public Bank RHB • Telekom Malaysia Berhad • TMpoint Sadong Jaya • TMpoint Batu Lintang • TMpoint • TM Authorized Dealer • POS Malaysia • Agro Bank Bank Simpanan Nasional • Bank Rakyat <> Hong Leong Vietnam Savings Account provide you with a security account for your daily banking transactions. Hong Leong Smartlink Account / Hong Leong Pay&Save Account where average balance for half year is below RM200; RM5.00 every half year (June & December) RM0.30: RM5.30 every half year (June & December) Hong Leong One Account and Flexi One Account where average monthly balance is below RM1,000; RM5.00 per month: RM0.30: RMN5.30 per month Can I change all my Statement Dates to the same day? $.' Short term non-capital guaranteed investment instrument that offers potential steady return through low to medium risk investment 6 0 obj Welcome to HL Bank! You are only a few steps away from joining Vietnam's newest Digital Bank. 16) What are the security measures in Connect BIZ? Welcome to the future of banking! <> Will I be charged for Paper Statement Fee? Yes, the minimum required age is 18 years old. Hong Leong Bank has incorporated the following security features: 8- 16 alphanumeric character User ID for all Hong Leong Connect BIZ (HL Connect BIZ) customers and 8-32 alphanumeric character User ID for all Hong Leong ConnectFirst (HL ConnectFirst) customers. You may use the following template to write such a request letter to the bank. 1. Click on Add Bank Account, and select Hong Leong Bank Berhad. REQUEST FOR REACTIVATION OF DORMANT / INACTIVE ACCOUNT I/We, _____ (Client Code :_____), hereby request Hong Leong Investment Bank Berhad (“HLIB”) as soon as is practicable to re-activate the above account and to accord it “Active” status. *Exemption subject to customer’s written request to the bank with supporting documents and is subject to Hong Leong Bank’s approval. Terms and Conditions for Connect by Hong Leong Bank ... “Account” means all banking accounts which you have or may have with HLBVN linked to ... you forget your Security Codes or when you want to reactivate your Connect which has become dormant after three (3) months of inactivity. How to Open A Bank Account Online in MalaysiaLet’s start again. Hong Leong ConnectFirst helps you manage your business cash management effectively and efficiently. HLBB is a member of the Hong Leong Group. 7 0 obj The fee will only be exempted if the Principal Cardholder meets the exemption criteria. endobj <> Hong Leong Bank. Attach supporting documents, ie: Scanned copy of OKU Card etc. You are only a few steps away from joining Vietnam's newest Digital Bank. Min. When will I start receiving my e-Statement via email, if I enrol now? Current Account. <> 2. Personalize your banking experience. A22. To state that the request is for exemption of paper statement fee ONLY. In this article, we will guide you on how you can open a bank account the offline way first - where to open a bank account, what are the requirements, what you need to bring et cetera. I am a new Hong Leong Bank customer and have successfully performed a first - time registration using my smart phone. Deposit RM200; Hong Leong Pay and Save Account Interest Rate 1.5% p.a. stream Deposit RM200; Hong Leong Pay and Save Account Interest Rate 1.5% p.a. So I left RM1.00 in account and after 1 year, they send warning letter my account will shut down. 4 and No. These are some of the things what you can do on the Connect App: • Don’t have account with Hong Leong? Under the Preferred Method of Payment, choose Bank Transfer. ���n�bV� ʐ$K��Ҥ�h"U`B�H:a\���@E�ѠQ3�c@l Will I automatically get an exemption after my written request to Hong Leong Bank? RM1.00 will be charged for every monthly issued credit card. Hong Leong Bank Savings Account Interest Rate 0% to 0.05% p.a. create your new Password and reactivate your account (if you register by Account Number). How do I switch to an e-Statement from Paper Statements? You can request the account opening directly from App • Already have account with us? Open bank account now! Make your money work for you E-Saver Account. It’s based on the year you were born. In case, you are interested to maintain that account, then you have to file a reactivation request with the bank either in the format prescribed by the bank or through submission of a physical letter. What can be done if I suspect unauthorised access to my account via Connect Online Banking? ... bank account numbers and password). Go to STATEMENT/INVOICE > Email Subscription > Statement Subscription, Tick Stop Hard Copy Statement on your card, Tick Email Subscription > input your preferred email address, Go to STATEMENT/INVOICE > Select Online Statement > Download Statement. Ignored that letter. Service Charge N/A Min. Min. Yes. If your birthday falls in the month of November, you will be exempted from the fee from January of the year you turn 60. <> Alternatively, you may call Hong Leong Contact Centre or visit any Hong Leong Bank branches for assistance. So I left RM1.00 in account and after 1 year, they send warning letter my account will shut down. HLBBMYKL XXX - SWIFT Code (BIC) - HONG LEONG BANK BERHAD in KUALA LUMPUR - MALAYSIA. Q22. Please visit or mail to us the eConnect form to apply for your HL Bank Connect account. Please refer to No. To support our cause, we encourage our customers to switch to electronic statements (e-Statement) at ZERO COST. RM1.00 will be charged monthly for each Credit Card Paper Statements that are printed and delivered to you. Kid's Saving Account. Easily fill out PDF blank, edit, and sign them. First of all this account comes with daily interest rates and flexible withdrawals in case you need to … Public Bank. Heads up Hong Leong Bank customers, a number of branches in the Klang Valley are scheduled to close down next year. Can I still switch to e-Statements via email? home branch of the principle account specified in the Hong Leong Connect BIZ Application Form for processing. You are leaving Hong Leong Bank's website as such our Privacy Notice shall cease. endobj Save for a better future. x��T�j�@��u��zQCxKpgA0����8l%F��}Jv����-�T����^��Y�V�����i�ſ�_x�e���ˏ�%�V�mլ����&c�i�/%HɄ��5M$z%X� 5 0 obj Welcome to HL Bank! Present your business the gift of efficiency and convenience, with comprehensive solutions designed to keep your business running smoothly. Will I be charged more than once per month? Box 10385, 50768 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This premium account is in most ways similar to a savings account but with a much larger intended capacity for the premium banking customers that come to Hong Leong Bank. S$30 early account closure fee, if the account is closed within 6 months of opening Fees and Charges apply for over-the-counter transactions 1 These interest rates are effective from 1 January to 31 January 2021 and apply to individual depositors only. However, using traditional banks to send money abroad can be slow and expensive. Each request will be processed on a case-by-case basis and exemption is subject to Hong Leong Bank’s discretion.

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