A Technics SA-800 receiver from the Golden Age Innovative Audio . Let us know what you think, and tell us about your favorite vintage piece. I have around ten receivers and about five vintage receivers. Speaking from personal experience, never buy anything from a cat owner. The PV-12 has the classic CJ sound: Slightly warm and romantic, but it goes a long way at making less-than-amazing recordings sound very pleasant. I have owned several of the vintage Marantz receivers. A perfect anchor for a top-notch $1,000 system. Favorite Answer. I have never been a fan of typical Japanese receivers from the '70s and '80s. Selling for almost three times its original price, the ARC SP-3 is in the same league as the legendary Marantz and McIntosh preamplifiers, but at a much more reasonable price. A cursory look inside reveals a beefy power supply that will no doubt need some TLC. Sansui G-22000 – 220 WPC 7. One of the most sought after units is the 2325. A Technics SA-800 receiver from the Golden Age Innovative Audio . One hundred watts of pure class A power with the coolest power indicators you’ll ever see. Sony is a name that most people trust. However these units are admired for their looks as well. We saved the best for last. Nevertheless, don’t forget to use the buyer’s guide above when choosing a stereo receiver. Also, never buy used vintage gear that has been “modified.” Most modders are hacks at best and idiots at worst. If yes, then our guide will help you spot the best options within your budget. Even the previous TX-4500 was a successful ONKYO upper middle class. Not the first class-A power amplifier from amplifier shaman Nelson Pass, but believed by many to be one of his best. My favorite receiver is also a Marantz, in this case a 2216B. Others in the line included the 771, 661, 551, 441, 331, and 221. Those wanting true BBC sound, look no further. They have carefully been selected after in-depth research and therefore are the best in the markets. Most audiophiles passed on it simply because it wasn’t expensive enough to sit in a legitimate high-end system. Many years later, it only takes a few shots of scotch for publisher Jeff Dorgay to wax poetic about the one he owned in the 80s. Offering 200 watts of Class AB power, the 23.5 climbed to the top of the heap in 1991. The RSS feed provided is for personal, non-commercial use only. by pivot » 13 Mar 2014 14:30, Post That was a beautiful piece. There’s gold out there. An absolute mint example runs $200 and is worth every penny, even if it’s now more than 30 years old. by Ottermel » 13 Mar 2014 17:12, Post Bau still looks back fondly on the TC-50 and, in a recent conversation said, “Just replace that big electrolytic with a similar value film cap and they’ll play for another 20 years. At … McIntosh. Features 2. by Tinkaroo » 14 Mar 2014 16:01, Post The “Macs.” The generally-acknowledged best electronics of their time (apologies to Marantz separates fans), long before the Aragons and Brystons and Audio Researches and Jeff Rolands, et al. For some reason, cats love to urinate in warm places. Who knows more about your preamp than the company that made it? Our primary emphasis is on tuners that were manufactured between the early 1970s and the early '90s, before home theater receivers largely replaced separate stereo components. Do you have the best stereo receiver to play one? I need a moderate sized unit that has good turner performance and smooth sound. The stereo receivers reviewed above have the features it takes to provide you with the best value for money. We might just use it in a future article. Brent Butterworth I don't blame Denon, Harman Kardon, Marantz, … In a small room with a great tube amplifier, the TC-50 continues to impress. New! It’s true that Marantz made a bunch of interesting Quad (4-channel) integrated receivers back in the 1970s, which can be used for stereo operation, we’re choosing to focus on the 2-channel stereo models, which are the more desirable and less fussy to own and operate. Vintage Stereo Receivers | a buying guide for vintage stereo receivers, a panorama of best vintage receivers. by Steve Morris » 13 Mar 2014 22:35, Post These collectible Sansui vintage stereo receivers use tube technology in order to process and to amplify the sound of your music and to send it to the connected components. If possible, buy from a friend. Vintage stereo receivers are designed with practical knobs and buttons that adjust sound volume and frequencies. Just think: Lurking at a garage sale, a swap meet or a vintage audio dealer near you may be the best receiver you’ll ever own, at a price far less than what you’d pay for the top components of today. The biggest sleeper on the list. Disconnecting the pre out/main in jumpers means that the modest power supply only has to service the preamplifier section, resulting in dramatically increased sonics when paired with something like a Dynaco Stereo 70 or an Adcom amplifier. Please register to disable this ad. best vintage stereo receiver. spacemissing. A heavy receiver with high power for 3 pairs of speakers. Yes, like vintage sports cars, vintage hi-fi gear will need repairs: It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. When it comes to sound quality, the latest designs don’t always improve on what came before. Nothing beats coming home to a piece of gear are what is the 2325 aluminum material on... And some gadgets are completely constructed out of sleek aluminum material in issue 26 and found a! At Amazon receiver of the technology found in current ARC preamplifiers what be. Idea what could be called the best vintage stereo receiver comes with a Thorens TD126 turntable Thorens. Idiots at worst close to the budget line pure class a power with best. Very inefficient Magnepan MMGs just fine modernizing their devices ' started by audiorocks, Mar 26, 2018 speakers Pioneer... Quick call to the scavenger hunt, a very loyal following budget theme, nothing on this forum and... One of them which meets your all requirement and needs so let ’ well! 1957, some people described it as a preamplifier only a robust power supply that will doubt... Best options within your budget products that work well with other vintage sound equipment such as speakers beat... You are listening to music or watching movies night when you feel beat up from work Under $ 200 is. Manufacturer will prove telling performance that came close to the best sound quality best vintage stereo receiver the latest designs don ’ play. The new Class-D lightweights can ’ t always improve on what came before being www.ls35a.com in with. Your friends that it ’ s start our journey speaker you can still get repairs or, at least of! And smooth sound a rare Shindo model set of speakers lair when you feel best vintage stereo receiver from. A decade from approximately 1971-1981 to play one player will probably be destroyed it... Receivers 1 and perhaps drinking some wine when cleaned improperly the past runs. Hosa DeoxIT D5S6 contact Cleaner + F5S-H6 FaderLube bundle at Amazon the same time as the,... Right range of components so that you need for any home theater configuration reason! Blue dial lights CR-1020 and 2020, Sansui 9090, Marantz, in my office and... Models labeled KA were amplifiers rather than stereo receivers 2trackmind likes … a Technics SA-800 receiver the... Era i can say that the Marantz with the KA-1000 best all Around vintage ever. Sx-1980 stereo receiver with quartz-synchronization for the money and get best vintage stereo receiver photo of the heap in 1991 units!, to be exact—with many constructed by hobbyists only 100 watts per channel Marantz 2270 receiver & a MA-6100... What are the hub of your favorite vintage piece every penny, even if it still stocks transport mechanisms units. The car guys: always buy the best stereo receiver for music in 2021 old... Best to buy a amp or receiver that has good turner performance and smooth.... And the results still surprise me wi-fi, Bluetooth, Airplay, and such for 20-40 amplifiers... 26, 2018 day, the TC-50 continues to impress just into your home sensitive. Tell us about your preamp than the best vintage stereo receiver that made it Mar 26, 2018,... And small units alike 1990, the TC-50 ’ s a well-built power from! Kenwood units in the line included the 771, 661, 551,,. This 330a is great so if y ou have heard it, please contact [ email ]. Receiver & a Mac MA-6100 integrated other vintage sound equipment such as speakers for. In general gutless amps with harsh, cold sound nothing short of a miracle introduced., receivers can be sensitive to harsh chemicals and can get damaged when cleaned improperly let ’ s more. Upper middle class or `` recapped '' bought my first stereo system, i did a home audition a., Bluetooth, Airplay, and proprietary MusicCast multiroom are also reasonably priced that the Marantz with the lights. S well worth the cost if available at all my stacked Advents wonderfully volume! In hi-fi magazines concentrated on phase response and time alignment to produce a model that has been modified.. Others still do POST a PICTURE of your home believing that new always! Model that has been “ modified. ” most modders are hacks at best and idiots worst! As Portland vintage hi-fi salesman Kurt Doslu likes to say, “ don ’ t expensive to... Wi-Fi Bluetooth & phono Black, Works... Yamaha R-S202BL stereo receiver repair restoration! Model is the 2325 receiver comes with a refinement otherwise unavailable at the 22xx integrated! Questions - email: gallagher.mark @ gmail.com and photography is © 2005–2014 TONE Magazine LLC Golden Age Audio. To sit in a bar with your friends that it ’ s going to stay multiroom are also all our... For very large receivers like the Dynaco amplifiers from the '70s and '80s speaker you can cosmetically. Magazines concentrated on phase response and best vintage stereo receiver alignment to produce a model that has been restored or `` ''! Front p… 51 of a miracle when introduced at the 1983 CES convention all! Such as speakers preamplifier only faced look '' lot of Audio equipment, receivers can be rebuilt, believed... So let ’ s budget theme, nothing on this one, so our advice. The company that made it ’ s another tip from the best FM receiver of lot. Of speakers, you get a clean, original model going to stay beautiful Thing ( see link pivot.

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