It sifts through over 1,000 verbs to pick out the number of random verbs you need for your particular project. ; In 1838 the export of logwood was 8,432 cwt. Export buyers, attended by salesmen, are commonly more or less stationary and prominent; Burnley manufacturers abound in one locality and spinners of Egyptian yarns in another. Definition of Export. The cultivators, on the other hand, may not plant tobacco without permits from the regie, although the power of refusing a permit, except to known smugglers or persons of notoriously bad conduct, seems to be doubtful; nor may they sell to any purchaser, unless for export, except to the regie, while they are bound to deposit the whole of the tobacco crops which they raise in any one year in the entrepots of the regie before the month of August of the year following, [[Table A]].-Showing Revenues ceded to Ottoman Public Debt Administration at Various Periods to 1907-1908. The export of ships from the United Kingdom to the empire dgcreased during two years, 1903 (~3o5,682) and 904 (~365,o62), almost to a vanishing point, German yards being able to cope with the demands made upon them for the supply of vessels of all classes, including mercantile vessels and ships of war. In spite of the difficulties of communication with the interior, and the malarial marshes which surround the town, it has become important for the export of grain (chiefly maize). The export trade in corn and import trade in coal is considerable. Tzibos took advantage of the extreme poverty of the Lazi to create a Roman monopoly by which he became a middleman for all the trade both export and import. The export of agricultural products shows a large increase. The new town on the right bank is therefore a centre of the timber export trade, this place being the principal port in Norway for the export of pit-props, planed boards, and other varieties of timber. This is so in both the export and home trades. Fuel suppliers will exploit the national oil shortage by raising prices to increase their bottom lines. They expect the antibiotic products to be exported to Southeast Asia and Africa. Instinctively, I think that one should always say 'import from' and 'export to' (1 & 4), and avoid using the structure of (2 & 3), but perhaps this is misguided. The value of export is exceeded as a whole by that of import in the proportion, roughly, of 1 to 1.35. The chief seaport is Negapatam, and the principal export is rice to Ceylon. Export in a sentence. A royal decree was issued on the 10th of December 1836 forbidding the export of slaves from any Portuguese possession. He carried on a successful warfare against the old combination laws that hampered workmen and favoured masters; he brought about the repeal of the laws prohibiting the export of machinery and of the act preventing workmen from going abroad. For those who need a quick refresher, a verb is … Forest products - gums and resins of various sorts, such as gutta-percha - are valuable articles of export. To illustrate the comparative productiveness and relationship of these sources of national wealth and industry, the following official returns of export for the years 1905 and 1906 are arranged in the four general classes previously discussed, the values being in Brazilian gold milreis, worth 2s. Other articles of export are silk cocoons, wool, hides, sponges, eggs and fruits (oranges, almonds, raisins and the like); the amounts of cotton, tobacco and wine sent out of the country are small. The trade is very largely centred in the export of palm oil and palm kernels and the import of cotton goods and spirits, mostly gin. In the north the staple products for export are salt, grain, wool and cotton, in the south opium and cotton; while the imports consist of sugar, hardware and piece goods. A verb is an action like run, jump, talk, sing. The total annual export trade may be valued at about X120,000, while imports exceed in value X3,000.000. Another word for export. In 1859, the export of logwood was 14,006 cwt. support. Turtles are caught in abundance along the coasts, and form an article of export. As markets for German products the colonies remained of small importance; in 1907 the whole value of the trade, import and export, between Germany and her colonies was less than ~3,3oo,ooo, and the cost of administration, including the grant to the shipping companies, often exceeded the total trade. It is also largely used for fodder and is an important article of export. The act was renewed in 1693 and 1695, and in the former year another act was passed prohibiting the export of lint and permitting its import free of duty. The first African slaves arrived in the U.S. in 1619, and were imported to work on tobacco plantations. Some examples of nouns are sister (person), home (place), plate (thing). India exports a range of manufacturing goods, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. It had a large import and export trade, and in the 13th century was the second wine port in England. The province produces much wheat, barley, rice, millet, cotton, but the authorities every now and then prohibiting the export of cereals, the people generally sow just as much as they think will suffice for their own wants. The export fluctuates greatly. The inland valleys and slopes are very fertile and heavily forested, and much of the Brazilian export of rosewood and other cabinet woods is drawn from this state. 1. verb To export products or raw materials means to sell them to another country. It is famous for its wines, in which a large export trade is done. experimental farms and various effective organiza tons for assisting the live-stock, dairying and fruitgrowing industries, for testing the germination and purity of agricultural seeds, and for developing the export trade in agricultural and dairy produce. Examples of export in a sentence, how to use it. to the vicinity of Santos, and sugar was the principal export of the colony. There are cement factories in the town, and calcium carbide is an important article .of export. Search the definition and the translation in context for “export”, with examples of use extracted from … It is also the chief manu facturing town of the duchy and the seat of administrative government for the northern portion of the country. The leading articles of export are sugar, tobacco and fruit products; of import, textiles, foodstuffs, lumber and wood products, and machinery. Louis in 1920, domestic and export, was 29,036,405 (by rail) and 166,140 (by water); tonnage received in the same year was 43,104,519 (by rail) and 177,925 (by water). Examples of Exploit in a sentence. Butter for export is made in creameries, where the milk, cream and butter are handled by skilled makers. per quintal (101 lb). Czechoslovakia is the only European State which can export sugar: it is the second largest beet-sugar producer in the world, having I some 500,000 ac. The export is confined principally to rosewood. If you're talking about IDing someone specifically to verify his age (as in your example), you … This tree is widely spread and forms a valuable export to European markets. It is a well-built and active commercial city, and has a large export trade in coffee and sugar. Here are some examples. in 1904 the export was equivalent to about 120 bales out of a total production of 330 bales, and in 1905 to 258 out of 333 bales (of 500 1B each). A very large proportion of the Lancashire export trade is in grey goods and a smaller yet considerable proportion of the home trade. The dealers applied for an export licence. You can also drag-and-drop files to the. However adverse influences may have been combated, Dublin yet produces little for export save whisky and porter, the latter from the famous Guinness brewery and others; but a considerable export trade, principally in agricultural produce, passes through Dublin from the country. from Sierra Leone eastward to Cape Palmas received its name from the export of the seeds of several plants of a peppery character, called variously grains of paradise, Guinea pepper and melegueta. a ban on the export of live cattle. You will export such articles as the country affords, purely native products, much ice and pine timber and a little granite, always in native bottoms. Coloured and white paper, ready-made clothing, cellulose, tobacco, lime and liqueurs are the chief manufactures, while a considerable export trade is done down the Main in wood, cattle and wine. In 1892 the number of live sheep shipped for foreign ports was 40,000; in 1898 the export reached a total of 577,813, which in 1901 fell off to 25,746. You can use the Export-CSV cmdlet to create spreadsheets and share data with programs that accept CSV files as input. Among the chief productions of the plains are rice (the staple export of the country); pepper (chiefly from Chantabun); sirih, sago, sugar-cane, coco-nut and betel, Palmyra or sugar and attap palms; many forms of banana and other fruit, such as durian, orange-pommelo, guava, bread-fruit, mango, jack fruit, pine-apple, custard-apple and mangosteen. Word suggestions (3): Export, Import, Expert, › Tramatic [trəˈmadik, trouˈmadik, trôˈmadik], › Epicuren [ˌepəkyəˈrēən, ˌepəˈkyo͝orēən], © 2021 The industries include brewing, flour milling, and the export of agricultural produce, chiefly corn and cider. On the whole, however, what may be called the speculative centre of gravity of Great Britain's export business in cotton goods is not in Manchester but abroad. To send or transport (a commodity, for example) abroad, especially for trade or sale. The wool which they might not use at home must be exported to England alone. In 1895 an arrangement was made for the reduction of interest to 4%, the beginning of amortization, and the creation of "coffee warrants" to be used in the payment of export duties on coffee assigned for the service of the debt. The industries are chiefly those of agricultural-implement making, rope-making, brewing and distilling, but a considerable business is done in the export of potatoes. A verb is an imperative part of the sentence without which; a sentence is not complete. The culture of the vine was early undertaken by the colonists, but it was not until vineyards in France were attacked by phylloxera that the export of wine from Algeria became considerable. It is in the midst of a fine agricultural district, into which several branch railways extend, and carries on a large export trade in grain and other farm produce. The most important export is fish, other items being seaweed, marble, preserved foods, butter and margarine and infusorial earth. The prosperity of the town is largely due to the export trade in phosphates, esparto grass, oil, almonds, pistachio nuts, sponges, wool, &c. There is in the Gulf of Gabes a rise and fall of 5 ft. The effect of these revelations was profound not only politically, but also economically; the important export trade in Danish butter, especially, was adversely affected, as Herr Alberti had been interested in numerous dairy companies. There is a considerable export of quartz crystal, commercially known as "Brazilian pebbles," used in optical work. Example sentences with the word import. Net exports in a sentence (esp. The public revenues are derived from customs, taxes, various inland and consumption taxes, state monopolies, the government wharves, posts and telegraphs, &c. The customs taxes include import and export duties, surcharges, harbour dues, warehouse charges, &c.; the inland taxes comprise consumption taxes on alcohol, tobacco, sugar and matches, stamps and stamped paper, capital and mining properties, licences, transfers of property, &c.; and the state monopolies cover opium and salt. For example, most word processing programs can import documents created in other word processors. The native demand for wool is not covered by the home production, and in this article the export from the United Kingdom to Germany is steadily rising, having amounted in 1905. The chief export is ghi or clarified butter, which is sent to Arabia, Bombay and Zanzibar. 3. For export the dimensions are commonly 32 or 36 in. If the country did not have oil to export, it would be a very poor nation. The export trade of Bagdad amounts to about £750,000 annually, and the import trade to about £2,000,000. Its industries and commerce are principally concerned with the manufacture and export of wine. The principal sources of revenue are the licences granted for the importation and retailing of opium, wine and spirits, which are in the hands of Chinese; a customs duty of 5% on imports; an export tax of 5 70 on jungle produce; a poll-tax sanctioned by ancient native custom; and a stamp duty. As buyers of finished goods for London and the country do not attend it, certain departments of the home trade are hardly represented, but practically all the spinners and manufacturers and all the export merchants of any importance are subscribers. In Palestine and elsewhere there is a large orange trade, and Basra, in Turkish Arabia, has the largest export of dates in the world. A considerable part of the trade, export and import, was in transit, chiefly with French Congo, which had no direct communication with the sea except through Belgian Congo. The total area under cotton in1905-1906was 201 million acres, and the export was 7,396,000 cwt. The farmers export their surplus crops to many nations. Some fishing is carried on: but the staple trade is the export of sand, which, being highly charged with carbonate of lime, is much used for manure. The total acreage in 1902 was 177,620 acres, and in 1907 the yield for export was 118,395 tons. Of all the countries represented - Germany, Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Spain, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Russia and Sweden - only one, namely France, was opposed to the complete suppression of all export bounties, direct or indirect; and Russia declined to discuss the question of her internal legislation, contending that her system did not amount to a bounty on exportation. verb. 98 examples: The new colonial trades, it seems, differed from the old by involving both… ; it fell to 866,000 lb. Horses and mules are reared for export on a small scale, and sheep for their wool, which is used in home manufactures. While the tables indicate the fluctuations of supply they show generally that Asiatic countries, in addition to supplying the necessities for their home trade, export to Europe and America about threefifths of the whole of the silk consumed in Western manufactures. In the import trade Cape Town is closely rivalled by Port Elizabeth, but its export trade, which includes diamonds and bar gold, is fully 70% of that of the entire colony. It has also important plush, silk and hosiery manufactures, as well as extensive bleaching works, and does a very large export trade to all parts of the world in these branches. The export, moreover, of live sheep and of frozen mutton to Europe has become an important factor in the trade of Argentina. In the last half of 1920 the great fall in prices, at a time when the administration had placed heavy export duties on cotton, tea and tobacco, caused a financial crisis. The former supervises the labour laws and endeavours to deal with unemployment; the latter has done much practical teaching, inspection, &c. Butter, cheese and New Zealand hemp are by law graded and branded by departmental inspectors before export. 3- Recovery was difficult because of export tariffs … export a in a sentence - Use "export a" in a sentence 1. Matting of various kinds is very extensively employed throughout India for floor coverings, the bottoms of bedsteads, fans and fly-flaps, &c.; and a considerable export trade in such manufactures is carried on. from the Arabic, ta r rifa, information, an inventory, art, knowledge), a table or list of articles on which import or export duties are levied, with the amount of the duty specified, hence often used as a collective term for the duties imposed, or for the law or code of regulations imposing such duties or varying the scale of charges. According to these statistics the most important articles of export are coal and turf, fruit, minerals, soda, iron and steel, and cattle. In 1910 the export of palm kernels was 6,141 tons, of palm oil 2,160 tons; in 1916 the figures were 22,391 tons and 3,852 tons respectively. Mangabeira rubber is collected to a limited extent, and piassava fibre is an article of export. This is one of the principal centres of the timber export trade, having saw-mills, planing-mills and wood-pulp works. Gloves for export are extensively made in Wurttemberg, and Offenbach and Aschaffenburg are renowned for fancy leather wares, such as purses, satchels and the like.

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