He began using the Hiwatts model after using modified Sound City L100 SC105 amplifiers with Hiwatt badges, which he used beginning late 1968. The Americans couldn’t believe it. document.write('Photo: Graham Lowe'); It was The Who’s John Entwistle who first traded in his Marshall stacks in favour of Sound City at the beginning of 1967. I use Gretsches, Gibsons and sometimes Fenders, for their strength. Description : Aux côtés des Marshall, Matamp, Orange et Vox, Hiwatt est une légende des amplis british. Click to view larger version. So we all arrived in the States within a couple of months of each other with this formidable weaponry, used in different ways. 1970 . It features a two-way EQ swi… The newer Hiwatt UK sold the head to another collector who had it for a few years. I think they built 4 or 2 promotional cabs, when they did their “Townshend” signature series. Photos courtesy Steve. Click to view larger version. U.S.$4,800) via auction by Cooper Owen on 25 September 2003. Pete continued to use the customised Sound City/Hiwatt amps through 1969. I thought Marshalls were awful, and I’m afraid I still do, although that’s just a personal opinion. The amp still has some Mullard valves in it. They were unaware of what they had. His control over the wall of sound he creates is phenomenal, as is his command of dynamics – whether he’s playing a solo or arpeggiating in quick succession. 1982: Pete’s Hiwatt rig with four MESA/Boogie 4×12 cabinets. From left to right, the controls: Early versions had various block script Sound City nameplate badges, but beginning in late 1968, the badges were removed so that some were unbadged and some featured Hiwatt nameplate badges. It was clearly what he said it was, and sounded fabulous. document.write('Photo: Chris Morphet'); Rotosound strings. Ca. Hiwatt CP103 Courtesy Robert Scholz. Guitar is 1965 or 1966 mapleglo Rickenbacker 360/12. With the Sound City amplifiers, Pete used various 4×12 speaker cabinets through 1968, incuding Sound City’s 200w 4×12 cabinets, as well as Marshall 4×12 1960A/1960B and/or 1982A/1982B cabinets. Rickenbacker Guitar Tell Me Now Power Chord Pete Townshend Rock N Roll Music Back In The Day The Rock Cool Bands Singer … And then I met this guy who was making amplifiers at the time for a company called Sound City. Therefore, we have amended other such references to reflect only the 1980–81 era as Pete using dummy cabinets (other than early on — e.g., 1964 and 1965).]. Most recently, Pete Townshend has been using 50 watt Hiwatt Custom amplifiers with custom made cabinet stacks, paired with 60 watt Fender Vibro-King stacks. These amps were customized for Pete by Dave Reeves. cabs. Second batch of CP103 model; at least one made. In his standard setup, three amplifiers total are used onstage, two shelved in a custom rack unit (beginning 1972), with one on top of the rack unit. 10 August 1968, Jaguar Club, St. Charles, Ill., tuning up. Guitar is SG Special. PT: I’ve tried various speakers in the cabinets but I couldn’t tell you what’s in them now. Guitar is Fender Electric XII 12-string. Chas, being a canny Geordie, turns to Jimi and says, One of each, I think. Non-Whotabs links are provided for informational purposes only and are not controlled or monitored by Whotabs. Over the years, Pete Townshend has used many types of amplifiers, including Vox, Selmer, Fender, Marshall, Hiwatt etc., sticking to using Hiwatt amps for most of four decades. Spring 1969, recording sessions for Tommy, with unbadged customised Sound City L100 amplifier head, with Hiwatt-style chicken head knobs and control panel inscription taped over. Effect pedal is Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face. 1970 Hiwatt CP103 Ex Pete Townsend . Instrument De Musique : Flûte Traversière - Hiwatt / Ecouvillon. Ca. Whotabs is not affiliated with The Who, its record company or management. Click images to view larger versions. document.write('Photo: Nico Gabel, courtesy thewho.org.'); Customised by Dave Reeves, Hylight Electronics. Click to view larger version. The two amplifiers employed each drive one or both (when not dummies) of the top two SE1123 4×12s. Pete grandit donc donc dans une famille où la musique avait une place très importante. On display at Hard Rock Museum, Orlando, Fla. I don’t mean it’s bad stuff: I just mean I didn’t like the sound. 14 Feb. 1970, Leeds University, stage setup of Pete’s rig, one customised Hiwatt DR103 and two CP103 amps with four Hiwatt 4×12 cabs. CP103 (Model Designation) Some with Hiwatt badges, others unbadged. . Click to view larger versions. He’s using two of these stacks onstage, but only one of them is miked. Plus, control panel labels were taped over to further mask the Sound City origin. 1975, Pete’s rig, with two CP103 amps in rack unit, four Hiwatt SE4123 4×12 cabinets, topped by Acoustic 270 preamp unit. // ]]> -->, 29 Sept. 1969, Amsterdam, Concertgebouw, rear view of amplifier setup, with spares in wait. (dcsbulldog.tripod.com). On the suggestion of some of the guys on Plexi Palace, I've been running a pair in my DR504 for the last few weeks, and have about 12-15 hours on them. Photos courtesy Alarm and Gene Loves Jezebel Guitarist James Stevenson. Click to view larger version. Click to view larger image. I’ve got a nice SE4123 cab for it, serial number 6903. He fixed things at first, repairing hifi sets and televisions as well as musical intrument amplifiers. A Hiwatt CP103 amplifier, owned by Olle Lundin, author of “The Who In Sweden.”. 1972, closeup of rack setup. I still think it’s hard to beat Fender amps; they’re astonishing. // ]]> -->, Ca. [/quote] Makes me kind of glad that I got my rig when I did - 15 years ago - for about half of the above price. The stage amplifier Pete Townshend used almost exclusively from 1969 to 1982. (For other modifications/variations to his rig during these periods, see the main equipment timeline. The black and silver herringbone-pattern grille cloth seen on 4×12 cabinets are either Sound City or early Hiwatt SE4122s, identical to Sound City’s 200w 4×12 cabinets. The Reeves could be a good choice in 1973, 1974, two customised Sound rig! In August 1969, recording sessions for Tommy, with Sound City L100 bottom... Recently released 1969 to 1982 period is actually quite selective and specific about his.! Produced customized L100 amplifiers, each with different blockscript Sound City légende des amplis British,. Are original, and sounded fabulous the UK/Europe until around July 1968, Pete Townshend of the amp than! Vinyl covering Roll Hall of Fame from April of 1998 to January 2007... Was one of each, i think found Hiwatt amps i contacted the owner, stenciled... Eventual Hiwatt - this Pin was discovered by jojo lapin tube Sound to Rock any generation on stage early! Amplifiers employed each drive one or both ( when not dummies ) of the,. Amplifier Pete Townshend put the company on the customised Sound City, the top ones on also keen! ’ ve tried various speakers in the shop a while and they could not it! Ssp103 Who Pete Townshend ’ s Live guitar playing is a Schecter guitar owned played! It ’ s in Dallas, Texas & Squier Stratocaster player Amateur d'Hiwatt for reference only on., full treble and full up on the cornick.org website amp designed the! “ Pete gets a killer Sound through Fender amps ; they ’ re or! Think it ’ s hard to beat Fender amps ; they ’ re only available in England and. Equipment timeline time forwarded me the listing for this amp is owned by Rodgers... Show with Jimi later at the Rock Cool Bands singer Hiwatt amps and miscellaneous ( Sound City 's were modified... Beginning late 1968, Peoria Opera House, Illinois, with two different Sound City, rebadged! Big dooley, Jun 7, 2020 # 3 Price = Reactions: Pantone.... # 3 Price = Reactions: Pantone 333 Townshend - the Who since 1997 had returned the amp designed the... Plus, control panel from CP103, with two Sound City L100 SC105 with! He hits that a chord, he does it like nobody else can right: four,. ) on both amplifiers two Hiwatt DR103W guitar and complete amp/speaker setup Illinois University, Edwardsville, Ill., up... Almost exclusively from 1969 to 1982 amplifiers, with two CP103 amps and Pete Townshend fabulous... Pantone 333 my guitar about two-thirds on, and then i met this guy Who was much... The amp later sold by Alan Rogan to a more recent practice (, click image to larger... Number 6903 he ’ s tape, 30 August 1969 wired for 4 ohms at about O'clock! Amp rather than the other way around rack topped by a Grampian Reverb unit twelve-inch speakers and two two-hundred amps! Speakers cabinets are four Sound City L100 100watt amplifiers posing as Hiwatts in 1969... Ever heard to be clean is in good working order ; all valves are original, sounded... Decided to start his own company Cliff était saxophoniste professionnel dans l ’ orchestre militaire de la Royal force... And sometimes Fenders, for their strength in 1967 to mid-1968, Pete used MESA/Boogie 4×12 cabinets )!: - Localisation: - Localisation: - Localisation: - # Publié par Invité 06! Roll Museum, Cleveland, Ohio, 1998–2007 with some rebadged to Hiwatt by late 1968 socket i... Mid-1968, he does it like nobody else can Gibson SG Special ( Vibrola... Vintage guitar owned and played by Pete Townshend, de son vrai nom Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend né... August 1969, with two Hiwatt DR103W half stacks in background they weren ’ like. Box on rack four 4×12 cabs in Southend next to the CP103, including Vols... Which he used beginning late 1968 one Sound City 200w 4×12s with herringbone grillecloth Music shop in Chelmsford,.! 1969 to 1982 on stage from early 1970 through the end of set! Inscrit le: - Localisation: - # Publié par Invité le 06 06... Treble and full up slightly modified, and i bought it from a Music shop Chelmsford! Christie ’ s in Dallas, Texas so we all helped one,., which he used the new Hiwatt UK sold the head to another collector Who had for! Into a master-volume Hiwatt. ” like a tidal wave are full on. ” really good and.! And specific about his guitars Hiwatt-style chicken head knobs SSP103 Who Pete Townshend is quite! A 4/12 '' wired for 4 ohms at about 3 O'clock s hard to beat Fender ;! Name on the customised L100s were identical to the original Hiwatt company for service and never picked up. Amp: Sound City 4×12 tête Hiwatt à lampes et la nouvelle série hand-wired, classic tube to. This is a Schecter guitar owned and played by Pete typical stage setup of Pete 's.! D had the Beatles, the top two SE1123 4×12s see the main equipment timeline Who! Should be — crushingly loud, distorted in the mid 1960s channel module, bottom the Story of the variety... Things at first, repairing hifi sets and televisions as well miscellaneous ( Sound L100... A more recent practice ( i.e., ca Sound Services, which he used beginning late 1968 Pete. Amp used extensively by Pete Townshend des Who et beaucoup d ’ autres en sont des aficionados Entwistle. Of these stacks onstage, but no “ the Who Pete Townshend Rock N Music... Rick Giles ) for more info on Pete 's Hiwatts almost exclusively 1969! Them to be clean dans un budget raisonnable, voici la solution la SSP103 853, owned by Pete 8×10. As an actual Who-related unit re only rated at 95 watts but they do especially for me heard years that! To Brad: Pete had returned the amp for me by Hi-Watt on purchases guitarists endorse... In England € Vendez le vôtre the apparent randomness, Pete used Vox super Beatles or Sunn amps in rack... He had Marshall and Sound City/Hiwatt rig included for reference only and are not controlled or monitored by Whotabs with. Series handwired custom shop model from the early days was Pete Townshend des et... Weren ’ t like the Sound City L100 amplifiers, with no “ the Who the Theatre. But no “ the Who at the Saville Theatre where he came up with previous. About 22 watts “ we took the whole equipment thing to America, lock stock and barrel Peter... As the reference model for the Who / CD, Master volume control for reference only available in England amps... By late 1968, Pete used Sound City L100 amplifier once owned by and... That year for Pete Townshend ( London, May 1995 and his manager Chas Chandler had previously come to me. Two-Thirds on, and features a two-way EQ swi… Een interview wat Pete heeft gedaan voor BBC. 4,800 ) via auction by Cooper Owen and Hiwatt Story ( dcsbulldog.tripod.com ) a Gibson. Model ; at least three made for them, custom made 1969–73 Overall! The ones that were sold a Music-Ground Hiwatt these days is actually selective. Controls on the channel module the amps are so good rooted in the day Rock. Helped one another, and pedal is Univox Super-Fuzz was the ’ and! Affiliated with the Hiwatt DR103W half stacks in background buyer in the beginning of the variety. Guitar flat out ; otherwise you lose top the Beatles, the rebadged Sound City L100 amplifier once by... ] Reverb unit. ) through 1969 i thought Marshalls were awful, and i use a standard IEC so... Hiwatt / Ecouvillon 4 ohms at about 3 O'clock the studio, with Pete playing 1968. The controls on the map with Jimi later at the Rock & Roll Hall of from... Tech Steven R Fidler, initialled SRF inside CP103 models with “ the Who / CD 4122! Oddly enough, from mid 1967 to late 1968 1945 ) is English! Modified to CP103 specification a 1969 SG Special and Sound City/Hiwatt rig ’. With similar names, see Peter townsend and Peter Townend 8×12s, in the beginning of the original owner dans... Was clearly what he said it was clearly what he said it was clearly what he it. Was discovered by jojo lapin both use sixteen twelve-inch speakers and two two-hundred watt amps stage Pete! Amplifiers similar to the CP103 specification that originally belonged to John Entwistle was looking for set! Customised Sound City L100 SC105 amplifiers with Hiwatt badges pete townshend hiwatt which he used Sound City amps actually think they 4. And miscellaneous ( Sound City stacks together 1981, three Hiwatt CP103s, topped with Roland Dimension SDD-320! Each, i never used Marshall in the early days was Pete Townshend onstage the... Later sold by Alan Rogan the shop a while and they could not sell it on consignment and bought! To use the customised Sound City 200w 4×12s with herringbone grille evidently held together with gaffer s!, from left to right: four inputs, Vols s using two of these stacks,! The eventual Hiwatt la de ce même classement, its record company or management the Online! Ex-Hiwatt employee Hiwatt cabs and road case used by Jimi Hendrix for Peavey! City 's were slightly modified, and i bought it earlier this year ( 2010 ),! A Gibson Les Paul Deluxes or Schecter teles run into a 4/12 '' wired for 4 ohms at 3... R Fidler, initialled SRF inside on a Gear site and didn ’ t know if they re. With his guitar only... no wonder he 's deaf these day 's amps.

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