There were thirteen stripes representing the thirteen original colonies. Stars Sky. ... symbolizing the fact that Minnesota was the 19th state to enter the Union after the original 13. State Symbols. Minneapolis Star | Is Bad Art Good History? The Minnesota flag depicts the state seal on a blue background. We thank all who submitted designs. 288. Following a common trend in previous redesigns, this flag is based on Minnesota’s motto as The Star of the North and takes inspiration from the state's geography. The flag also uses the northern colors which are often seen in Minnesota flags, banners, and logos. This is the English translation and most frequently used translation for the official French L’Etoile du Nord that appears on other Minnesota state emblems — the seal and the state flag.Minnesota is the only U.S. state to have a motto in French. Finally, it says nothing about us as a people or about Minnesota as a state. I hope therefore that the legislators of the state of Minnesota will be similarly impressed and will give the question of the flag design their very earnest consideration. The following SVG would be closer to the proposed "official" specification at [[File:Minnesota North Star Flag.svg|border|96x176px]], The company's filing status is listed as Inactive and its File Number is 124156. share. The design should be easy to remember and should have a distinct focus. Please note too that the other flag is still in place and seems fine. 3D Illustration. All the best in your exciting enterprise.”, “If the same kind of attention had been paid years ago to the state flag, Minnesota would not today have the mediocre design and the many problems associated with its like. Date: 7 October 2009: Source: Own work: Author: Soundoftoday: Permission (Reusing this file) This flag is fictitious or proposed but not adopted. Personalize it with photos & text or purchase as is! Compass Direction. This Minnesota North Star | North Star Flag flag is wind- and weather-resistant and highly durable. Minnesota North Star State Personalized Flag Barely There ... 1104 x 1104 jpeg 64kB. ... Land of 10,000 Lakes, North Star.. TODAY ONLY 50% OFF ORNAMENTS Shop Now > Use Code: ZAZDAY5DEALS *details. Shop for NHL Hockey flags at the official online store of the NHL. 9 2 4. “Minne” means water, which flows throughout the state — this is the blue. The “Star of the North” flag embodies all of Nature’s Seasons in colors—blue skies by night and by day; snowy white hillsides or Summer’s white clouds and below, green of prairies and croplands. There really is not much to commend the present flag. The blue background fills the canvas, representing the water of the 10,000 lakes, and seamlessly transitions into a clear blue sky. The flag of United States shows 50 white stars which represent fifty states. (It is similar to several other state flags in this regard.) Gold represents our state’s natural wealth. But it was not adopted by the state. A different option would be for state offices to fly the current legal flag, while the general public uses an alternate "civil flag" (as in 20 other nations), such as the North Star Flag. The largest star represents the North Star and Minnesota. The Minnesota state flag is royal blue, with a gold fringe. CC BY-SA 3.0 29 19 31. Home // NorthStar Flags Design Tool. The new design, proposed by a group of people from Rochester, is unique and colorful, and its symbolism celebrates the good things of Minnesota. 158 styles Artwork designed by. The green bottom stripe represents the great northern forests and sprawling southern prairies, the state’s great vegetable heritage. From the standpoint of the professional vexillographer or flag designer, however, I can say that you have done all the right things and met all of the appropriate criteria for a good design. “From a distance of 100 yards how many Minnesotans can distinguish their state flag from, say, Nebraska’s? It is something so detailed almost no one can remember all its symbols and symbolism. We need a flag that’s as unique as Minnesota and Minnesotans.”. Custom Tents. Illustration of arms, minnesotan, region - 154205213 The white of the center stripe is for the winters we all endure and survive together. But flags of such design were expensive. Adventure Aurora. Minnesota flag. Vectors. It declares us to be “atosenniM” and everything looks like it’s written in those funny letters the Russians use. Required fields are marked *. The North Star state or Gopher State. Call 507-288-1165. There are more details, but those are enough to show that the flag violates the first requirement of a flag design — simplicity. Second, everything on the reverse side of the flag is backwards. 2 feather banners were purchased from North Star Flags on May 31, 2018. And there are many more marvelous designs. Minnesota used to be somewhat more imaginative. State Bird - Loon; It is a limited edition pennant that reads Minnesota North Stars … The redesign of the state flag is a good idea that should be treated seriously by legislators, citizens, and flag designers. Alaska’s is a tasteful blue with eight stars arranged as the Big Dipper and Pole Star; New Mexico has yellow with an Indian sun symbol. The blue background fills the canvas, representing the water of the 10,000 lakes, and seamlessly transitions into a clear blue sky. In the background is a sun setting behind some mountains. $16.29. There are notably gifted children living in southwest Minnesota. Minnesota’s flag displays the State Motto: “L’Etoile du Nord” (Star of the North) above scenes from the State’s Great Seal. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Creative Greatness is Waiting! Minnesota's official flag was adopted in 1893. Minnesota North Stars 12" x 30" Pennant features the old team's logos. Exhibits & Displays. Flag Acadia New France. Similar Images . This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. available on . The flag of Minnesota is certainly very similar to the flags of many other states […] There can be no denying that a distinctive and unique design without lettering usually makes for a more easily recognizable flag. The company has 2 principals on record. Floor Stands for Indoor Flag Sets. Original file ‎(SVG file, nominally 500 × 300 pixels, file size: 933 bytes). The proposal's website. The state nickname for the state of Minnesota is the "North Star State." This state… 37 28 0. The design is in a field of blue with the image of the seal in the middle. In brief, I am glad to extend my endorsement for a new state flag and your efforts to have it officially recognized.”, “I think that the design could well go forward to the legislature, and I am pleased to be able to give it my personal endorsement. The art on the state seal depicts an Indian fleeing from an armed farmer while apparently showing him an obscene gesture. Custom made flags are our speciality! The five groups of stars showcase a five-point star too. Since 1989 efforts have been made to adopt a new Minnesota state flag. The largest star represents the North Star and Minnesota. . Herold, who operates Herold Flags in Rochester, has advised the committee that the Minnesota flag design has been ranked 67th out of 72 state and provincial flags evaluated by the North American Vexillogical Association, and organization of flag design experts. MPR News | Is it time to ditch the Minnesota flag? Minnesota State Flag Symplistic Proposal. Other states have striking and unique flags. “Star of the North” is the state motto, and twin cities sit on either side of the main star… There also is a single gold star, the symbol of the Star of the North […]. Download this Flag Of Minnesota Background Land Of 10000 Lakes North Star State photo now. In the center of the flag is the state seal. In red letters just under the circle, you will see the word “Minnesota”. 9 15 3. INV# XXXXXXXXXX for $325.06. The state motto on the seal is French, "L’étoile du Nord" meaning "the star of the North" (the basis for Minnesota's nickname as "The North Star State"). Minnesota. I think this proposed state flag was designed in 1989, six years after the current flag of Minnesota was adopted.

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