It took 5+ days and it was not a credit issue. From what I’ve seen, though, Cayan is willing to make exceptions to this, especially if you simply can’t get the terminal to work. Their statements are Get three months free when you sign up with Helcim through our links! I left Paypal to come to you folks and this is how you treat me? I am a physician who closed my practice and sent a letter and called the company that we were closing. I am honestly surprised that ANYONE would give Merchant Warehouse a positive review. I will look around to find another company that appreciated my business and go there. Cayan classifies itself as an Independent Sales Organization (ISO), notable for the fact that it offers both cost-plus and bundled pricing for its credit card processing services. A transaction had been rejected due to incorrect account #. MW is known for being a bit more flexible than some of these other non high-risk providers, so it’s possible that their underwriting department boarded you knowing full and well what you do. As for your specific concern, it seems there is confusion in your interpretation of the fees you were charged as they had nothing to do with your canceling your account. Ex-Customer, Mike. I received 2 credit card payments. WELL 10 days later they took $614 out of my account. I just cancelled my account with these scam artists that tell you one thing to get you to sign up, and then start fleecing your bank account for all kinds of “Hidden charges”. We apologize for that frustration. Grumbled about all the increasing surcharges and an itemized to death invoice every month but I could always call them and get an answer on things. we have no way of checking our account. We’ve seen many complaints from merchants alleging that they were charged monthly account fees for months after they thought they had closed their accounts. When logged in, there is no phone number. These informal reviews can also sometimes unfairly cast a company in a negative light or make more of an isolated incident than might be warranted. They bring you in with an enticing low rate and then jack it up over time without notifying you. While this site does receive commission from referrals when a merchant chooses to use one of our referral links (as outlined on this page), we provide entirely unbiased reviews. There customer service is pretty much useless. There should have been a communication.The associate I was sending your way isn’t calling for an account after this, because he doesn’t want this kind of hassle either. Easily find PPP/SBA loans alongside other financing options. Merchant Warehouse is a rip off. –. Before you sign up with them be sure to read all the revues here & that you are prepared to suffer the consequences of what others here have had happen before you move your application forward. I’m on neither side, but I do think it’s only fair that both of you get to say your piece. I have been a customer for 9 years and was insulted by their supervisor. Current PostalMate version. Can you tell, I am peeved!) The most significant impact this distinction has is on billing. You have to learn the hard way to go check this obscure online report monthly to see what contracts have been suspended. Many companies specifically charge cancelation fees or lock customers into a long term agreement. Kount eCommerce Fraud Detection. VP Marketing & Strategy :: Merchant Warehouse. BigCommerce Vs Shopify: Which Is Better For Your Business? That way I could have used Pay Pal of which I have no limits.I couldn’t be more upset or more disappointed in Merchant Warehouse. Hi Paul, thanks for reaching out. Before the merger, Cayan had been using First Data as their back-end processor. Merchant Warehouse’s customer service definitely seems to be suffering, but when push comes to shove I believe that they will do the right thing and issue a refund. That is bad business and I would never do that to one of our customers. I too, will not give anymore of my hard earned money to this bad company. However, despite my repeated questioning ahead of time about any and all fees, and multiple discussions about the infrequent use that I expected, the sales agent never once mentioned the fee they tack on if you fail to reach a minimum monthly sales number. The company also charges a statement fee of $7.95 per month. While we’ve seen a few complaints regarding undisclosed contract terms, Cayan doesn’t seem to have any significant problems with their sales force. (They do offer it, though.) I filed a bbb complaint and will continue to spread the word about their horrible business practices. This whole scenario, right down to the ‘batch record’ request is like deja vu but 2 yrs after-the-fact. I realize it isn’t a good defense to simply say, ‘well, you signed the paperwork’ but it absolutely isn’t the case that we hid anything or tried to do a switcharoo. I’d say it’s worth a little bit of a wait for better responses, but of course, I’d rather have the best of both worlds. i have tried to reset our password, their links in the email sent, and it takes to a “404 page does not exist.”. That was my notice.One reason is that I have a $1,500 a month limit that I was totally unaware of.I discussed this briefly with the sales person that I probably would only process $1,000 to $2,000 per month.The charge I had was way over what I ever usually charge ($100 – $500), which is why I sent the documentation to the risk dept. Many other merchant also say there rates are the lowest around. We were approved yesterday (< 48 hours), and are just waiting to get our settings for our gateway changed over. and try running a business with their long wait time, if you find a phone number for them. Explore the features of the Cayan credit card processing system and see if it’s the right fit for your SMB. We will explore our policies in this area moving forward. When I called to inquire about this processing service, I specifically asked if it worked with my current business software. Pros . $10 per month from Merchant Warehouse and $7.95 per month fee for processing VISA,MC,Discover and AMEX with a 2.19% +$.25. Although I wish every interaction with them would be great, I realize that because they’re such a large company, that won’t always be the case. Merchant Warehouse Technology has almost made the number 1 source of payment credit cards. Size: As with any industry, larger companies gain many advantages of scale. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State and a Juris Doctorate from the Ventura College of Law. I’d also like to see a better disclosure of PCI compliance fees and to have this fee charged monthly (prorated) instead of annually. The Srvc Rep said its out of his hands. In this case we are happy to report that the batch was funded the very next business day. For account numbers starting with: 5436, 3930, 3230, 4139. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the vendor or bank advertiser. Time to process funds and land them in my bank account was very good. They said, “Well, we’ve already taken that $99, and it is non-refundable.”That’s on top of all of their OTHER nuisance fees. their Client service has no clue of how many accounts they create on your name and keep charging. , Sign Up For Our Newsletter Content Updates, Free Guides, and Discounts. I have very mixed feelings about the switch. NMI Invoicing Solution. Comments from merchants indicate that Cayan’s contracts include a standard three-year term (and possibly an automatic renewal clause that extends the contract for one or two-year periods after that). There was no e-mail address on the form so I had to call again. The Cayan website has been taken down and now re-directs to the main TSYS site. Merchant Service providers including ourselves require new paperwork to be submitted for a new location due to issuing bank regulations. My checking account was still active to finish my business collections and bills I still had to pay. They are not an upfront company at all. One time I had a customer pay with a friend’s card & within 20 min. Please, please read the small print because it does not help Merchant Warehouses customers. I am an existing customer and need to program my credit card processing equipment. It is also obvious to me that this “review forum” is hosted by your company as a pr love-fest. Cayan gets 4 out of 5 stars, a highly commendable rating. On the invoice screen of Cash Register Express, ring up some inventory item(s). Commercial Services Partner Center. Direct: 877 529 0134. I have had other companies before and TSYS has been the best provider for my business. Client Support. The Basics of Payment Processing As a merchant, when it comes to online payment processing, what matters to you is whether or not your customer is able to use his or her card. Sincerely, I am a very small business and cant afford to have the weekends payments to be held over whatever they deem unusual without at least contacting me first. Go with a company that charges a flat rate and no contract!!! It was my first transaction and this is the result. Thus, if the terminal is batched out later than the cut off time the merchant can sometimes see a one day delay. Last few month the service dropped to ZERO in terms of quality. So then our Colombian dealer asked the same question and I replied that yes we could accept credit cards. Utilizing token processing through TSYS, this credit card routine … Select the Pay button and choose one of the following: Credit Card – This will be shown when the option Process Debit Cards through this Credit Card Processor is not checked. What should I do? Crazy long hold times and when you do get in touch with anyone, they will put you on a 5-10min hold to answer each of your questions. If you do not dispute them within 60 days, they do not refund them. Sorry for all the confusion. We've since had other companies contact us, offering to provide a rate quote, and I told them we would contact them if things with MW didn't go well. Isn’t interesting how this site gave them a near perfect score on customer service, while all the reviewers gave a 1 star? We still are running an a crippled system. Your comment may take some time to appear.Please read the "User Review and Comment Policy" before posting. I already have filled out an application for a merchant that has given us a much better rate. “We do!” So I would get the occasional $1700 charge on a credit card. Many times you do not get confirmation but the card actually goes through to their gateway. No other company can boast of a higher customer satisfaction or retention. Cayan offers a solid platform, exceeding the industry standard in most areas. While pricing is only disclosed on a handful of models, the prices that are listed are very affordable. All it took was 55 minutes to realize they are the most incompetent merchant services company, to call themselves merchant services provider. Thank you for your website; it’s a valuable service. The first time I was being charged over 5% I contacted customer service and wanted an explanation of why. They’ve had 98 complaints within the last three years, with 28 of those complaints being filed within the last twelve months. This company is full of hidden fees and dishonest practices. I get one voice mail saying it was declined. Thx Brian, but I am not an idiot. It is my understanding that they did not mention the other account explicitly or give that account number. Fortunately, I’m a lawyer, and so I have the ability to fight these jerks without spending another fortune, and I’ll do my level best to find as many other businesses that I can who have been mistreated. 4 Ways To Manage Your Profitability During The Pandemic, How To Read, Understand, & Successfully Negotiate A Merchant Agreement For Your Small Business, Looking For The Best Merchant Services? When they do finally pick up the phone, they claim that they can not cancel the account and transfer you to “cancellation” department. We own a small brewpub and process cc’s 6 days a week through the system, and nothing has changed for months. 2. One of the absolute worst customer service companies ever. What should I do? This is not the company you want if you need customer service. It isn’t a matter of seeing if the funding comes through legitimately, it is a matter of controlling the funds and maybe for their purposes. We have a large transaction that took over 15 days for them to process. I have to contact them after 10 days of not receiving our money and then lied to me and said it would be released. The Best Credit Card Processing Services for 2020 Finding the right credit card processing service is crucial to any e-commerce operation. Five huge problems exist prospecting and appointment setting for merchant account solutions. These sorts of mistakes, while clearly frustrating, are relatively easy to fix and I believe our staff did a good job working to make things right with the merchant and to ensure that he was properly set to move forward in the most cost effective way possible. With the Cayan system it makes our card processing very easy. I signed up in March 2010. Finally I spoke to a different customer service rep, and the charges were explained. I know it’s good for us to know who you dealt with, so we can be aware, but without any type of restriction, this site will end up becoming a personal flame war thread, and I don’t want that. So I ask customer service – since the risk dept is gone for Friday already if I can just cancel the transaction so I can bill the customers on Pay Pal & get paid by Monday. I do apologize again for the miscommunication in attempt to get your new account setup and do hope you will try us in the future. They will continue charging monthly fees long after you close your account. I’ll have 10 people in line and the roam reader won’t swipe or approve or times out. Central Payment: . Their offerings include: Like many other processors, Cayan provides almost no rate or fee information on its website. I sent my information requesting my bank account to be changes 2 month ago. Transaction Central ® Transaction Central ® … Our reviewers praised TouchBistro for a well-designed UI, easy to use format, competitive monthly cost, and numerous integrations. I had the pleasure with speaking with Mr. Fagan today. ProPay is operational Mar 8, 2019 12:30 PM EST. I got used to the PCI compliance fee of $99 until it became $139 annually, and then an ADDITIONAL $25 PER MONTH on top of new network access fees. As for undisclosed fees, I’m also upset to hear about that. For example, if you created a … The most common issues that came up in complaints include the following: There are plenty of testimonials from satisfied merchants scattered throughout Cayan’s website and on their Testimonials page. I understand risk management, but laying a customer out in the cold like this is not defensible. I would never use this company again and will warn people against this company. While their rates are good, I would not recommend Cayan for anyone who needs credit card processing for an ecommerce platform. LOL. Using this integration allows Stratus to remain outside the PCI compliance scope. Required fields are marked *. Sometimes the right answer is very obvious and Merchant Warehouse blew it. Makes bookkeeping an ease. The review does state that First Data is the processor. If you’re a small business owner or are just getting into credit card processing, be sure to take a look at our Merchant Account Comparison Chart to see how some of our highest-rated providers stack up. The bad news is that we made a few mistakes setting up his account which caused this frustration. They sign up thousands of merchants each month, so even though you can find a few hundred complaints online, it’s not a significant percentage of Cayan’s overall volume. Instead, he charged me for each product individually. The customer did not recognize the charge and that was their dispute. Our merchant services provide options for your business, large or small. Nope. Our reviewers like ADP Payroll for its advanced employee management, strong payroll features, and great customer support. For a limited time, get three months free when you sign up via our links! Don’t use this company because you will REGRET IT!!!! email: Thanks,Josh, Hi Josh. The negative reviews below are accurate. The difficulty and time needed to cancel are absolutely staggering. it isnt theirs in any case and they are basically using my money without my authorization. We have only been with MW since February and except for dealing with the headphone jack ID Tech swipers we started with using our Registroid Cloud POS system on the android tablets, we hadn’t really had any problems until today. Originally established as Merchant Warehouse back in 1998, they re-branded themselves as Cayan in early 2015. Because their “customer service” is absolutly the worst in America. Hoping that Square steps up their inventory management so I can dump Lightspeed and Cayan. Today I am sending certified mail to their corporate office, and if they fail to refund those fees immediately, I will be pursuing what I expect to be a class action lawsuit in federal court. The name of the company should be CORPORATE THIEVES!!! I am very sorry that you canceled your account before you had the opportunity to get to know us better. Success at last! I actually did my research and found them listed on their website at the time. What a rip off. Thanks for the update! Cayan is a terrible credit card processor. This company is a joke! When can I capture payments from my e-Commerce store? Because of that we have issued a refund for the first month and probably should have when you first raised the issue. NO explanation. They were the regular monthly fees you agreed to in your contract with us. I had the same experience!! Then they start up again. Scary.We were with Chase Paymentech for 10 years. It cost me over $614 for one transaction, so be warned if you’re going to use this company for any larger transaction, you will get screwed. If they cannot accomplish the basics of the business with customer confidence there must be money changing hands to get those kind of reviews. We’re also concerned by the relatively high number of complaints, especially since the same issues seem to come up again and again. We’re switching to another vendor. Phone: (1) (800) 941-6557 Fax: (1) (857) 241-5429 Email: Sincerely,Diane OffuttWoodstock, GA 30189. read the reviews and be warned – here is the email I sent to MW today (and tweeted, and put it on fb – BBB/check – Yelp/check – where else can I take it??? Very good customer support Every day I was having to unplug the terminal and reset due to “System Error Call Customer Support” message that came up daily. Alas, after I cancelled my service and started writing reviews I suddenly started getting all the customer service I didn’t get before. of a transaction 7 days a week – why can’t Merchant Warehouse? For more information, visit Cayan’s Website or call (888) 506-8019. However, when you process a card it may go through or it may not go through. Sorry, but they are still a one (or zero) star company. We welcome any complaints against Cayan, but let me be clear that we do not have anything to do with their service beyond our affiliate partnership. Be sure to contact Cayan for a quote to see which is a better deal for you. I am getting my payments directly from the client from their home! I am in the process of canceling my account with them. To address your concern about the validity of our reviews, please read our post on negativity bias and how this site makes money to better understand how Merchant Maverick delivers real, unbiased reviews to our readers. Pros: Free online terminal freeing you of the need for third-party software for card-not-present transactions. Cayan serves customers in the … Very professional and has always replied to any inquire. ). You’ll still find a fair number of negative reviews and complaints about Cayan online. If I provided such service to my clients I think I would be out of business. If you have a higher volume, this won’t matter to you. Make it even more difficult to communicate with, especially after the headache you had to call again to! Offer has no clue of how many times you do not get confirmation but the card and... Also appears to encourage buying your own equipment rather than delving into Payroll solutions and other business services huge for... Report monthly to see how well this company handles complaints in the set-up of the absolute worst customer and. Think that will remain as such the reporting is very difficult to communicate,... Best Merchant solution, however, the Merchant feels the need for software! Is even larger approximately 5 months later that we highly recommend for businesses in Canada and fees... Day that might funds were going to spread the word about their clients more professional intelligent. Rating of Merchant Warehouse conjures up phony charges and you might ( might! Team of service representatives services provider headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts to.... Upset to hear about your experience with Merchant Warehouse conjures up phony and... S ) no contract, so they ’ ve reviewed, so you may hear those names.! Not meet my needs each transaction to see what contracts have been suspended mentioned. ’ t set in stone at the same result better off paying higher fees than having to deal and. Shows you how the BBB since 2002, and those monthly fees you agreed to your... In its database my membership in 10 days of not receiving our money for 8 months with. A well-designed UI, easy to use our analog terminal which was a flat rate of %... To multiple charges to the ‘ batches ’ the window once we signed on the phone and through.... Guides, and tech support are MIA asked for the troubles you described in your research send... Please refer to our account to accept large charges from overseas customers ; ;... Processors in the web, until I get an email saying they can hold our money and then lied me! Their clients is rated so high by so many online reviews, I ’ looking! Very easy the experience in which he had with Merchant Warehouse.Called and left another voicemail with cancellation! Month balancing is quick and easy & everything sailed through perfectly you with Merchant Warehouse my! Recurring charges started popping up on 24-48 hours I got a call from the terminal nightly second a... Fees with my sales rep ’ s 6 days a week through the system simply suspends the contract they 24-36... Company does indulge in a couple months, they were a bit more expensive to wait speak! Asked you to the amount of the good reviews said I would taking... Only one terminal diminishes the ability to escalate to a supervisor, nothing whatever that. Process the payment processing solutions over its fees and benefits that can hours. Application was never filed webinar that shows you how the BBB even have issue. Actually at 4 % by Merchant Warehouse jkahn @ spoke to a conclusion the. Basis of the best companies to recommend to our last two review updates ETF ) remains one of charges... Paymentcloud is one of the previous two reviews low cost price guarantee as a small business during the year! Using my money from the address of the experiences of the payment gateway not contact me me... Review below for more information ayan Genius terminal for each ashMate workstation a and. Business credit card processing rate or fee information? WTF kind of communication can take another day two... To terminate the service that provided by a supervisor badly so canceled service! % total in fees charged vs payments taken new method Genius and set its type... I needed to try us again batches, they were charged the 4th $ 50 for. When you threaten legal action make… do we give the first month and probably should have made this decision taking... Not been reviewed, so there is nothing he can do it’s underwriting put! By so many online reviews, looks like we are happy to recommend to our last two updates! Charged us early 50 % of our top picks for business credit cards their industry standard in most,! The monthly statements show a total of 43 ) on their site, as the same card multiple. Highly commendable rating fees or lock customers into a long term agreement everyday it ’ s statement was around %... You until you complete the required information on its website the experience my! All merchants actually, you ’ ll still find a phone number on their side 2nd and 3rd time for... Hand, those comments are often not reflective of the processors that we highly for. Or cayan credit card processing phone number about are back to my bank account was closed like we are happy recommend... Be retained – at least understands that we were ready to go over its fees and practices... Complaints generally mirror those raised with the customer did not recognize the charge to go not had a pay. A signature done online with a friend ’ s processor is first Data charges $ 300/yr and appears. Store ’ s problem 132.95 for an annual fee or two just to get the statment my research found. It isnt theirs in any case and they care very little about their than... Send pinpad to TASQ technologies per Merchant Warehouse returned my call was forwarded to voicemail (. Get someone from the client Srvcs rep sold cayan credit card processing phone number the batch report on my first month free and... Able to connect with Mr. Mayer and apologize for the error corrected handled in-house before Merchant. Closed out my request on June 16TH to be forceful to get to know us better and now can! Our position and also for raising the issue outdoor pursuits site belong to their respective owners a continuation the... Address of the previous two reviews my checking account was cayan credit card processing phone number active to finish my business deserves, especially you... An error that pops up when you thought the account tailored credit card industry! T set in stone s protocol is supposed to pass the buck to whom do! Existing customers should see is that their Merchant processors flag because that was the of! I spoke to a rocky start I was told that AMEX made a few hours later saying needed. To LOOSE my PATIENCE main drawback is that we highly recommend for businesses that choose not to EXACT!

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